Campus Facilities

  1. The latest generation of computers lab, namely multimedia computers with technology, LAN, LED TV equipped with a multimedia projector.
  2. Internet, Intranet & Multimedia Lab.
  3. Hardware & Network Lab.
  4. Digital Electronics Lab.
  5. Language Lab, equipped with Multimedia computer and LED TV.
  6. Learning Center, equipped with seminar room, computer and Multimedia projector.
  7. Library.
  8. Spacious Auditorium Room.
  9. Presentation Room equipped with Video Conference Equipment.
  10. All study rooms are fully air-conditioned, equipped with multimedia computers, multimedia projectors (in focus), and controlled by Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).
  11. HOTSPOT Full Area.
  12. Magnificent student arena:
    – Tribune.
    – Music studio.
    – Field: Futsal, Basketball, Volly, Badminton & Table Tennis.